Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Can I choose the notary who will draw up the deed of sale?

The buyer's rights

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you can be assisted by the notary of your choice(Sheet 5: The authentic act of sale). In France, notaries have a national competence. It is possible for them to carry out the deed of sale of any property located on the national territory. Everyone has the free choice of his notary, as the national regulations of the notary's office remind us.

It is considered that the buyer has the priority to designate the notary to whom he/she wishes to entrust the drafting of the authentic act of sale. The seller has the option of being assisted by the notary of his choice. In this case, the notaries work together. The notary who attends the signing without having drafted the deed himself is called "second notary".

The seller and the buyer can agree on the notary who will draw up the deed of sale. However, the national and inter-court notary regulations may assign the drafting of the deed to the seller's notary rather than the buyer's notary.

The remuneration to be paid to the notary is not higher if each party uses a separate notary. The two notaries share the fees provided for by law.