Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Le diagnostic termites

The mandatory diagnostics

In the areas defined by prefectural decree, the seller must provide a statement of the presence or absence of termites for any building, regardless of its destination. Land that has no construction is not concerned by the search for termites.

The report on the presence of termites is included in the technical diagnosis file attached to the preliminary sales agreement (or promise) and then to thedeed of sale.
It provides information to the buyer, who buys with full knowledge of the facts, and knows whether or not his property is infested by termites.

The report is carried out by a professional diagnostician. It is valid for 6 months.

For a lot of co-ownership, theparasitic state concerns only the private part of the lot.

It indicates the parts of the building that have been visited and those that have not, the elements infested by the presence of termites and those that are not.

Note: if termites are detected, the seller is obliged to make a declaration to the town hall, within one month, using the Cerfa form n° 12010*02.
The mayor can then require the owner to carry out termite eradication work within 6 months.
It is useful to consider this issue in the compromise.